One, Two or More! How Many Eyeglasses Do You Need?

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Your vision needs, insurance, budget and then fashion sense would decide on the number of eyeglasses required. Most are recommended prescriptive eyeglasses for vision correction as per doctor’s recommendation but then there’s more to eyeglass than meets the eye.

Specialised eyewear includes computer glasses aimed at reducing digital eye strain due to computer and digital devices overexposure. Polarised sunglasses adds to the normal protection against glare and ultraviolet rays from the sun, reading glasses helps in seeing text and other details up close whereas ski and sports glasses are for motorsports or likewise activities.

But the question remains same! How many eyeglasses do you actually need? From the Indiana University School of Optometry, Clifford W. Brook has this to say;

“The options available today are far greater than they were before. But people are unaware of the specialised eyeglasses made for different purposes and the way they can help.”


Sunglasses today are more than just a luxury eyewear but a primary defence against UV rays coming from the sun. The President of American Optometric Association, Samuel D. Pierce cited;

“Irrespective of the season or location, people need to protect their eyes with quality sunglasses that actually block UV light. Even prescribed eyeglasses can offer full UV protection and made with the right tint combination.”

But let’s not ignore the fashion appeal because that’s the primary reason for people to purchase a pair of sunglasses. A citizen of New York City is a sunglass enthusiast claiming that they’re as important as shoes to him. He has more than a dozen non-prescribed pair kept safely in a repurposed cigar box, always ready to pop over whenever he needs. His collection also extends to a pair of more functional glasses with different shades, each for a particular outdoor activity purpose.

Reading Glasses

Not all but most above the age of 40 complain about difficulty in reading smaller text. This is quite normal and the vision change is referred to as presbyopia which indicates high-time to have a detailed eye exam.

For patients who’ve already had their YAG laser surgery or expecting one, any such vision anomaly shouldn’t be taken lightly but immediately seek an appointment with the optometrist. Post-surgical glasses or any other form of eyewear would be recommended only by the patient’s particular doctor, any non-prescribed eyewear may worsen the case.

Computer Glasses

Increased dependency on digital devices introduced a new set of vision anomalies namely digital eye strain of which the symptoms include dry and irritated eyes, sensitivity to light, blurred vision and headache. You may go for a single eyewear which however must be prescribed by the eye specialist. To cure digital eye strain, specialised eyewear is recommended which is different than the usual glasses and contact lens.

These computer glasses should include anti-reflective coating or blue light screening component which safeguards against UV radiation and high-intensity blue light.

It can be concluded that a different pair for particular tasks or one-in-all eyeglass can be worn to protect your eyes completely while guaranteeing clearer, better and brighter eyesight.

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