4 Simple Tips to Look after the Hunting Dog Breeds and Keep the Fun Going


You have probably heard that a dog is a man’s best friend. But, if you have doubts on the saying, you should get a hunting dog. Why? These dogs are the decent breeds accompanying a human at the time of hunting. They love being outdoors, like utilizing their canines, and protect people from potential dangers. Only after going out with a gun dog, you can understand, there’s no exaggeration to it. However, the adorable yet sturdy four-legged animals must be in their optimal health to perform well in the wild.

Usually, the new owners have a hard time taking care of the mongrels. Just as you have to stay hearty and healthy to run, the hounds or terriers need the same attention. So, go through the following tips to take care of the hunting dog breeds and lead an adventurous life.

Keeping an Eye on Weight

Before the hunting season, the dog should not put on excessive weight. Contradicting to this prime rule, many owners let their dogs become heavy. When it is off-season, the dogs must be physically active. If your dog has been idling in the backyard for a long period, its future in the field is not so bright anymore. It is essential to follow a proper diet. On top of it, a dog treadmill for enhancing cardiovascular ability can be helpful. As your hound becomes obese, you cannot feel the ribs. The fat deposits are seen over the tail and spine. With regular exercise, you can feel your dog’s hips, spine, and ribs easily.

Relying on Healthy Diet

As said earlier, a dog needs a nutritious diet during the off-season. Hunting requires a lot of energy. If the dog can consume food with high calories, he can stay active and warm in the cold areas. Of course, being healthy does not mean that the dog should rely on a high level of fat. Only 20% of fat content is capable of keeping him energetic in the field. In addition to it, grains and starches should be included in the diet. Again, make sure that your dog remains hydrated throughout the season.

Regular Checkups are Vital

As an owner, it is your duty to take your dog to regular checkups. Generally, the vets suggest getting checkups in every 3 or 6 months. They are usually susceptible to suffer from kidney problems or thyroid diseases with the course of time. For instance, if your hunting dog develops arthritis, the anti-inflammatory medication along with a joint supplement can be effective. Gradually, the dog gets back his mobility. Therefore, along with regular checkups, making arrangements for medication and supplement are necessary.

Staying away from Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks are the worst enemies of your dogs. They cause skin irritation for your four-legged friend. Eventually, this problem leads to infection or Lyme disease. Then the dog’s health is into serious danger. For this very reason, you should opt for flea and tick collar. Also, a flea comb comes handy.

So, if you are sure about following the above-mentioned tips, welcome water dogs in your life today.

Author bio: Alex Cooper, an animal lover with several published blogs, has written on things to keep in mind before getting water dogs. Here, he mentions 4 tips to remember for looking after the hunting dog breeds at home.

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