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At the present time, one of the best features of today’s e-verification process of ITR through online SBI Net Banking. In order to meet the e-filing methodology, taxpayers won’t have to be compelled to send a one-page verification document ITR-V to the Income-tax Department within the town. Instead, they’re going to verify that they’re going to return on-line on the e-filing exploitation an electronic verification code or EVC. you’ll e-verify ITR with EVC. A taxpayer will verify its come back through internet banking.

According to the new notification by the Income Tax Department, you will verify that the increase in your income will return to the electronic verification code (EVC).

At present, the individual payer had to send the physical copy of the ITR receipt (ITR V) to CPCR Bangalore. Taxpayers with a fully digital signature will sign it online. However, with the convenience of this new electronic verification code (EVC), the taxpayers will e-verify their tax returns. Generating Associate Electronic Verification Code (EVC) will verify your return. EVC can be a ten-digit alphanumeric code and it is specific to the pan. An EVC code will validate only one arrival, so if you modify your return, you will need to generate another EVC. If you verify your return through EVC, then you do not need to send physical ITR-V to CPC.

With the full monetary benefit of small taxpayers, claims of Rs.5 lakhs or fewer refunds, the ability to make an electronic verification code (EVC) is additionally provided to the department’s e-filing computing device. This text covers electronic verification codes, during that time electronic verification codes are generated through Net Banking. For e-verification of your taxation, away from the quarry EVC and through the basis.

Easy steps to E-verify ITR Through SBI Net Banking:-

Step 1: Visit SBI Net Banking’s official website and then select the login option. In the login section, you have to see that there are two options, now you have to choose one of the personal/corporate banking.


After selecting the banking methods, you have click on the login option further proceed to the SBI login page…


After selecting the continue option, you will be redirected to the login page.

Step 2: Login with the correct user name and password, after providing the login criteria click on login.


Step 3: After login to your SBI Net Banking, select the “e-tax” option from the dashboard of the  SBI net banking.


Step 4: After login take pointer on the e-tax button, you will see a menu containing the following options:

  • Indirect tax
  • State Govt. taxes.
  • Direct taxes.
  • Reprint Challan Receipt.
  • View tax credit statement.
State Govt. tax

Now you have to select State Govt. taxes from the E-tax section.

Step 5: After login to e-Filing then select your account number for which you wish to e-file the ITR. 

e-file ITR submit

Step 6: Now you will be asked to enter a high-security password sent to your registered mobile number. After entering OTP received on a registered mobile number, click the “Confirm” button display on the screen. If you have not received your high-security password, then select the “Click to send SMS” option to resend the once again OTP for the next procedure.


Step 7: Before selecting the “confirm” button, once again verify your account number, they redirect directly to the income tax website, take a moment to review your account number and PAN details.

e-filing statement

Step 8: Once again Verify your details and select the “e-verification”  option from the income tax site.


Step 9:  You will be asked to verify all the information provided by you and after that click on the “Continue” button.


Step 10: After the successful submission of the document. You will download the acknowledgment receipt as a record.


Okay. But what is the proof? For proof, open your registered e-mail ID and download the acknowledgment receipt.


In this article, we mentioned the procedure of E-Verification of ITR through SBI net banking. It will be very helpful to file your Income Tax return with the help of SBI net banking. E-Verification system is introduced by the Government of India. A person who pays his taxes annually is often considered a responsible citizen – who also contributes to the development of his or her country. E-Verification system is introduced by the Government of India. 

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