Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy


For women, maintaining a healthy weight post pregnancy can pose to be a challenge. The schedule is stressful as you need to take care of the baby and at the same time adjust to a new routine. It is important that you recover properly from post pregnancy weight loss tips all the more so if you are planning to become pregnant in the future. To cut down on the post pregnancy weight there are some tips to follow.

Be realistic

Contrary to what various magazines and journals have to point, to cut down on those extra flabs during pregnancy can be a challenge. It all depends on the amount of weight you have gained during pregnancy, and in over a single year you might end up losing on 10 pounds. If you happen to gain more weight during pregnancy, the chances are you could end up with a few heavy pounds than you were before becoming pregnant.

With proper diet and exercise you can achieve any amount of weight loss you desire. With the amount of weight you intend to lose after pregnancy, it can be in a healthy weight range. The point to consider is weight loss after pregnancy can take some time and you might return back to a healthy weight straight away.

Do not opt for a crash diet

Crash diets as the name suggests is a low calorie diet which makes you cut down on weight within a short span of time. After delivery your body needs proper levels of nutrition to heal itself. Apart from this if you are breastfeeding you might need more calories than the routine self. If you opt for a low calorie diet lacking in essential nutrients then you will be tired. So when you are taking care of your new born you could be sleep deprived.

Once your weight becomes stable increase your calorie intake by 500 grams on a daily basis.

Opt for breastfeeding as you may or may not choose

Research points to the fact that breastfeeding leads to weight loss in women. This is a reliable after pregnancy weight loss tips that some women need to follow. The best part about breastfeeding is that it helps you to cut down on those extra flabs within 6 months at the most. But in the first 3 months you are not expected to lose or gain any weight. The reason being increased amount of calorie is needed and lack of physical activity at this juncture.

In case if you are not breastfeeding diet and exercise is going to help you put down weight.

Start counting your calories

By counting calories it is possible to calculate what you are eating and how many extra calories is to be kept off from your diet. At the same time it can help you with the exact amount of calories needed from a nutrition point of view.

By following the above tips you can shed off those extra levels of flabs when you are pregnant.

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