5 Restaurant Equipment that is a Must Have


Opening a new restaurant which involves the cooking and selling of food to the consumers in a given geographical location can be a bit stressful and confusing.

With so many things to consider and think about, it can be very easy to forget some of the essential equipment you will be needing. This applies to restaurant equipment in Melbourne.

To help you stay in touch with all the relevant things you will be needing, I have outlined 5 of the restaurant essential equipment you will need before venturing into the business.


A cooker will be what you will be using to cook the food you will be selling to people when they come to eat or take away. The cooker you will be using might be a gas cooker or an electric cooker, it all depends on your preferences and location.

Be sure to get a standard restaurant cooker that will be sufficient to accommodate all the dishes you will be cooking.

Deep Freezer

You will need a deep freezer when starting a restaurant because that is where you will be storing all the perishable food ingredients you will be using to cook. This will prevent the food ingredients from spoiling or melting, whichever case may be.

There are different types of freezer’s in the market to choose from, so might want to conduct research to uncover the best that suit your needs.

Chef Knifes

You will definitely need a sharp knife for all the cuttings of ingredients that you will be used to prepare the food you will be selling.

This is where a good chef knife will come into place. Be sure to get a full set of knives that will cater for all the different ingredients you will be cutting.

Grilling Machine

You will be needing a grilling machine in your restaurant where you will be able to grill all types of meats, chicken and fish. You might also use it for so many other things that will be coming up in the process of cooking.

There are so many different grilling machines that are available at the market, you will need to make choices that appeal to your needs.

Cashier Machine

This is another important equipment and the last on this list of the top equipment’s you will need before opening a restaurant. A cashier machine will be used to keep record of all the financial transaction of the restaurant business.

All food that will be sold to customers will be recorded in the cashier machine so that you as the owner will be able to know everything that is going on in the restaurant business. This will help you keep up-to-date record for your business.

These are the top 5 restaurant equipment that is a must have for anyone who is looking into starting a restaurant. There are so many other things you will want to put into consideration, however I have been able to narrow the list to the top 5 must have.

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