Step-wise guide to change Yahoo Mail sign-in settings


Yahoo Mail is one of the most widely used services by which designated users of Yahoo Mail can manage their mailbox, POP access, mail forwarding, and many several other features and characteristics. This is the kind of service that is used by every other individual. From household work to a big firm task, Yahoo mail does it all.

One of the strongest advantages that Yahoo mail is that it enables the user to send and receive prompt messages to the contacts and people that are online instantly and quickly. Not only this, but Yahoo has IM as well which means that one can send messages in a speck of time. But there are several times when the user needs to quickly resolve the Yahoo mail error 999. In our post, we are sharing certain steps needed to change their security settings because it is one of the most important aspects of Yahoo mail. Therefore, to seek the help the user can follow these following steps or contact Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number.

How to Change Your Yahoo Log-in Settings

If the user has ever worked on a public system, then the user would know the fear of the account being accessed without the approval. Therefore, that is the reason why Yahoo launched its sign-in settings.

  • Start by opening up the web browser and visit the website by typing in the search bar.
  • Log in the account. This will guide the user to the chief Yahoo page. Tap the purple “Mail” key at the top of the screen.
  • The user would see a fresh page that would ask the user for the Yahoo ID and password. The user now needs to input the information, simply tap on each box and insert the data. Tap on “log in” to proceed.
  • Next, the user needs to go to “settings.” On the chief Yahoo Mail page, see at the right side of the screen. The user would witness a small gear and now tap on “Settings” to open a fresh window.
  • Now, the user needs to edit the account info. The user will now witness a list of items below the settings. The third would say a button that would say “Accounts,” and then tap on it to open up the accounts section.
  • The user would see “Yahoo Account” at the head succeeded by three blue links. The third choice would be “Edit your account info.” Tap on continue.
  • Now, the user needs to check the account. On the fresh tab on the browser, insert the password to verify. Here users can go with the option to permanently delete Yahoo mail account if they need to.
  • Tap on the option that says “Change sign-in settings.” After that the user needs to re-enter the password, they want to look for the “Sign-In and Security.” option.
  • The user would see a record of options below this box. The seventh would say “Change sign-in settings”; tap to modify the setting.
  • Save the changes. Lastly, the user must achieve the decision by taping on the button that says “Save” on the screen.

These are some of the steps which the user can use while they are changing the settings. If the user still has issues with the same then they can call Yahoo Phone Number, the experts would help them with the guidance and help. Users can avail of the official phone number from our website HelpContact247.

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