Gift Healthy with a Fruit Basket


Fruit baskets can be great presents for nearly any occasion. Ordering the ready-made variety for all your loved one’s special events can be a perfect gift. By gifting the fruit baskets, you can personalize the contents to the receiver while simultaneously saving a little money. Follow the same basic technique for each fruit basket and change the contents based on the occasion.

Fruit arrangements determine the events you want to gift basket whether festive, eye-catching or sympathy events. Sympathy Fruit Basket contain fruits according to the occasion. These edible baskets are appropriate for every occasion, from happy to sad occasions, they make excellent gifts. Instead of serving a fruit salad at your next potluck or giving your partner expensive chocolates next Valentine’s Day, treat the near ones in your life to a delicious and attractive fruit basket.

Criteria of selecting Fruit basket

  1. Design

Select the fruit or variety of fruits you want to add to the basket. You can make a basket with nothing but a single fruit. On the other hand you can select a more complex bouquet out of all different types of fruits, like pineapple, apples, watermelon, and muskmelon. Fruits cut into unique shapes, such as stars, balls, and animals give it a unique and attractive look. You may find or draw a design that roughly resembles a floral basket and use varieties in colours and designs of the fruits available to replicate flowers and leaves.

  1. Select your fruits.

When you choose fruits, there are several factors to consider. Does the fruit turn brown and stink quickly? Is the fruit hardy enough to stand on a skewer? Do the colors of the fruit complement each other and or the occasion? Popular fruits for edible arrangements include:

Berries: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries

Melon: watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew

Citrus fruits: oranges, mangoes, and pineapple


Avoid fruits that turn black quickly and stink. Fruit bouquets are edible centerpieces and should be consumed before it turns black. In order to keep your arrangement looking fresh and appetizing, do not include fruits that smell and turn brown quickly. These fruits include:




  1. Decoration

You can also add sweets to your arrangements. Fruit decorated with sweets pair really well. You can elevate your fruit basket to a delectable dessert by dipping a portion of the fruit in condensed milk, white, or dark chocolate. You may also wish to add marshmallows or puffed cereal designs to your basket.

  1. Choose a base for your arrangement.

Fruit baskets can be displayed in a variety of containers, including wooden baskets,vases, cups and pots. You can even use other fruits as the base, such as a watermelon or apple. Select a base that is appropriate for your party,theme and gathering.


Instead of buying predictable and mainstream items why not get them something you know you’ll use? For eg: Fruits for office during a meeting turns out to be a sweet and healthy gesture. If you’re thinking about giving someone the gift of food items to celebrate a special occasion, fruit basket is the best option for you. Or while attending deaths, sympathy fruit basket is all you need. Thus, fruit baskets are new, trendy and fits perfectly in any occasion.

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