Impress Your Workaholic Wife with these Unique Corporate Presents


Normally you have seen men being workaholic, right? However, in the 21st-century tables have turned. Today, women take pride in their work, and many top conglomerate ladies tend to love their trade more than themselves. In fact, your wife is a prime example!

She gets up early, prepares the family for the day and by the nick of time is ready for office. In truth, you are thankful you’re married to such a phenomenal woman. So, naturally, you might have thought a few times to get her a present or two to show some credence to her calibre.

Well, stop thinking and start shopping, because this blog has just the right gifts listed for your workaholic wife!

Read on,

  1. Women Watch Holder 

Being a workaholic, it is not surprising that you’re wife has a habit of buying watches. So, for those numerous watches she already flaunts, why not get her a watch case.

Watch cases are essential because many a time moisture, dust, chemical exposure or pollutants can cause damage to watch skin. This can react with the machinery of watches and lead to mechanical damage. Therefore, to prevent the watches from succumbing to damage, it is best to invest in leather watch holder for women.

A genuine quality leather watch case has many pockets to hold numerous watches. Further, if you buy a watch case with a thickness of around 1.3-1.5 mm, it can support watches up to 55 mm. As a result, it will prevent the watch from facing any mechanical damage.

  1. Portfolio

You might already possess a unique portfolio, which your wife is very fond of! So, why not get her a leather portfolio, too?

A leather portfolio made from the finest quality hide will elude an air of elegance and class, which will complement any professional career. Additionally, if your wife is in the law or creative field, it’ll suit her personality to carry a portfolio made of leather.

What’s more? Many corporate gift stores online offer the option of printing the company logo on these portfolios. So, suppose she owns a fashion brand, the portfolio can flaunt the business logo, and make your wife’s brand look authentic.

  1. A Journal 

Now, a journal might make a plain birthday gift for a wife, but appreciation purposes, and mini surprises, it is not a bad choice.

Additionally, for a workaholic, a journal isn’t merely for jotting down one’s thoughts. Rather, using the journal your wife can plan her daily tasks, tick of her to-do list, note down important numbers and client info etc.

Further, she can also use to maintain her daily/monthly budget, which can help in effectively planning her finances.

  1. Backpacks 

If you want to order something feminine but classy then going for a backpack is a good idea. You can get your wife something between a purse and a rucksack!

These are in trend, and ones made of leather look uber fashionable. Moreover, these also come with pockets and folders, which will help your wife store all her daily accessories. On that note, the various types of backpack available in gift stores are –

  • Vintage leather backpack
  • Leather backpack purse
  • Convertible backpack
  • Leather rucksack bag
  • Waxed canvas bag
  1. Camera Strap

This is entirely optional, and most suited if your wife has a flair for photography. So, if you both are frequent travelers chances, are your wife might carry her DSLR or SLR with you. Now, carrying a camera by hand can be taxing and risky.

This is why if you pick a camera strap for your wife, she can carry her SLR or DSLR safely and embark on a photography session.

  1. Photo Albums 

Corporate gifts do not have to be strictly professional all the time. Today many women and men like decorating their desks with photo albums. Hence, you can gift your wife a leather photo album, which she can use to store precious memories she cherishes.

For example, you both enjoy beach trips a lot, so get her a few beach photo albums 4×6 to store all her fun moments at the ocean.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the 6 kinds of presents to get for your workaholic wife, find the ideal one for her now! Just ensure to order from a reputed store online and you’ll get authentic products at the best prices.

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