Joints Of The Body:


Human body is a whole system which is made very sensitively. Every part is very important and have a lot to perform in human system. Every little part even a single nail is also important to the body. Whole human structure is standing how! Bones joins together and then a body becomes into the perfect shape. These bones gives the human body a strength for any kind of work. We run, sit,eat, sleep or anything we do bones are the part who gives energy to fulfil the work. Here the question takes part is that how these bones are joined together that form a proper structure? When two bones are joined together there is a joint between them which brings them together to form a structure. As it is the whole structure of the body is formed.

When the point comes on taking care of the bones properly then it automatically concerns the joints of the bones. Joints are formed when two bones comes together. Every movement of the body depends on the joints. Strong joints makes bones stronger and automatically human body becomes more active and fresh. Some of the joints do not allow us to move the position freely. Joints which are freely moveable allow us to run, walk, eat, sleep, bend and many other jobs without any irritation. Immovable joints contains tissues and fibers which are highly sensitive and do not allow body to work on it. Skull joints comes in immovable joints but this part works as CPU of the body because brain is placed in this part. Slightly moveable joints allows the body to move but not freely because these joints are the pillars of the body which may can paralyze the whole human body. Skelton joints are slightly moveable we can bend but in limits in which we are allowed. Freely moveable joints allow the human body movement in any position. Hips, knees and shoulder joints comes in freely moveable joints.Every joint have its own importance but the most important thing is taking care of your body properly.  Having proper diet and exercise gives the strength to the bones and joints which makes them stronger and fit.

Joints needs minerals and vitamins to keep them strong. Glucosamine keeps cartilage of the joints strong and healthy. As the age of the person increases natural glucosamine level decreases that is why glucosamine is important for body joints. Omega 3 fatty acids are present in fish oils it helps in controlling the inflammation of the body caused by the joints. Green tea contains the energy which helps in controlling the joint pain inflammation. In a research is shown that people with low level of vitamin D more joint pain that is why having Vitamin D helps you to avoid more joint pain and gives more fitness.

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