Find the Best Investors for You- Explore the 8 ways to locate Investors and Raise to next-level


Broaden your horizons to launch your start-up or elevate your business with more than one proposal and locate fund raising approach to reach the next level. No matter how great is your vision, how flexible you are to deal with business operation, and how big your dream is, more capital leverage is always inevitable as necessity can emerge at any time. Even the uber-successful billion dollar business or best-funded venture have been constantly engaging with more fund-raising options to stand out from the business competition.

If you still haven’t landed with the fund as per the budget, hoping to find investors for business, consider these steps and know the deal to reach your potential investors.

  1. Online fund-raising domain: Since the emergence of numerous virtual online fund-raising platforms, there are ample solutions to reach one of the investors to manage the necessary deal. These platforms are highly recommended to search for accredited and sophisticated individual big shots, angel investors and also, the bank or financial funding organizations. Know the other number of platforms that furnishes innovative ways to deploy capital and offer business assistance like loans, donation, debt recovery and even, equity crowdfunding kick start your start-up, explore these options AngelList, Wefunder, Kickstarter, CircleUp Seedinvest etc.
  2. Attending events: To make your campaign work, be realistic with your approach and get the right foot forward. These online fund-raising platforms are great to connect with the potential clients, but attending events also uplift your game to make a great start. These events assist you to seek visibility, and also know your right investors. Try to locate the investor and plan your pitch to communicate about all about the business dynamics. All these coding marathon motivates your perception and might elevate your idea to function in the trading industry. There are some notable events that promote business enthusiasts like you, and they are Money2020, Collision, WebSummit, sporting event, yacht shows, film festival etc.
  3. Social media platforms: Presently, this platform is the best friend of many and thus, trust social media and the known venture ideas via this medium to know the market condition. For a sole entrepreneur, the support of the social media takes an inbound approach with the collaboration and leverage of the influential investors. Direct message is known to be the powerful tool to communicate, thus, the social media profile must be taken seriously to connect with angel investors. When it comes to the most popular sights of social media, know the renowned channels, and they are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  4. Creative Blogs: Content marketing is now the most emerging tool to connect with the likeable mindset and interested investors. Hence, blogging is one of the approaches that represent your story, the visionary business plan, progress story, and other essential tales to engage the investors. If you have your own website, know the SEO marketing, or else look for page development over Facebook, Medium or LinkedIn.
  5. Email marketing: Attract the attention of the notable angel investors with the email writing. Simple email formats are strategically proven to be successful, and thus, catch the attention of some of the potential angel investors, business investors and VCs. Learn the proven email template, and develop your start-up.
  6. Apply to Accelerators: Many start-up accelerator programs are emerging for supporting the idea of entrepreneur applications. Hence, keep on developing your business research, staging future fundraising, demo program, and other set up to connect with investor introductions.
  7. Top-tier business schools: The university program is also establishing many entrepreneurial program and start-up support to a budding business individual. They also have a strong network of successful entrepreneurs, investors as an alumnus, faculty, and guest speakers.
  8. Networks of Angel investor: The list of angels is a great way to keep a record of professional acquaintances and strategic meeting resulting into an investment. Share your profile and also try to include the basic info about your long term goal, team member, products, services, etc to manage an interesting pitch.

The good news is, there are consulting firms that help you to find investors for business– a great deal to locate the preferable business association who are interested in your venture. Explore these above mentioned steps to meet investment partners.

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